2013-14 Microprocessor B.Tech 4th Semester exam paper of Uttarakhand Technical University Download

MICROPROCESSOR 2013, B.Tech 4th Semester exam paper of Uttarakhand Technical University

SEM-IV, 2013
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Time: 3 Hours
Total Marks: 100
Attempt any four questions 
  1. Explain the various types of microprocessor with its evolution period.
  2. Explain the difference between processor and microcontroller.
  3. Explain the interrupt structure of 8279.
  4. Explain the addressing mode of 8085 with suitable examples.
  5. Explain the importance of USB for data transfer.
  6. Draw the block diagram of 8255 and how it differs from 8251, explain.
  1. Draw and explain the pin diagram of 8086.
  2. What are the various status flags provided in 8085? Discuss their role in details.
  3. Discuss the principle of A/D convertor with suitable example.
  4. Draw and explain the timing diagram of opcode fetch cycle.
  5. Explain with examples CALL, RETURN, PUSH and POP instructions.
  6. Explain the flag register and various interrupts of 8086.
Attempt any two questions
  1. What is emulator? Explain how a DAC can be interfaced to an Intel 8087.
  2. Explain the different addressing mode, timer and register bank of 8086 with suitable example.
  3. Differentiate static and dynamic memory? Explain how you can interface 128K byte memory with 8086.
Attempt any two questions 
  1. Justify, why 8251 called as USART? Define the mode word register of 8251 for asynchronous mode.
  2. What are the maskable and non-maskable interrupts? Discuss AHOLD, BREQ and BOFF signals of 80486.
  3. Define the interrupt priority of 8051? Explain the assembler directives, Macros, PROM, SRAM and locator with suitable examples.
Attempt any two questions
  1. What is debugger? Draw and explain the block diagram of keyboard display controller (8279).
  2. Draw the block diagram of 8254 and discuss the default state of 8254 upon power up or reset state.
  3. What is PCI? Write an 8086 program to transfer a block of data. The data is stored in memory from C550H to C55FH. The data is to be stored from C550H to C57FH in reverse order.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    How to Download Previous Question Papers                                                                                                                                                        
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