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Odd Semester Examination 2017-18

Time: 03:00 Hours Max Marks : 100

Note:- Attempt all questions.
·1. Attempt any four questions: (5X4=20)

a) . . An organization is granted the block administrator wants
tocreate 32 subnets. Explain the answers for.
(i) Find the subnet.mask.-
(ii) Find the number of addresses in each block.
(iii) Find the first and last address in subnet 32 •
· (iv) Show the unabbreviated form for 1Pv6 address:0:ABC::0
{v) IP address of a host among a block is the network
{vi) A slotted ALOHA network transmits 500-bit frames using a shared channel
. with a 500-kbps bandwidth.There are 5 stations in the network. Wf;lat is the
throughput if the system together produces 500 frames per second.


____ __ b) ___ Define .Computer-Netwnr.ks-Discuss-var.ious .type -Gomputer– — •· -· – — -~—~-
. : ‘ . ‘
networks. Also discuss various advantages and disadvantages.of each topolbgies; ·
c) Explain OSI model .Also explain layers in OSI model?
d) . Identify the hardware · and~:so~are-com}’t1nenfs'”‘ohrtypicaii’ietwc,’r!C”Wh’arm’e-·tne
difference between Repeaters, Hubs and Switches?
e) Differentiate be’tween
i) Link state and Distance .Vector Routing algorithm.
ii) Circuit-switching and Packet switching
Iii) TOM and’ FDM


Attempt any four questions: (5×4=20)
a) TCP opens a connection using an Initial sequence number(ISN) of 14,237 .The other
party opens the connection with an ISN of 18,332.Show diagrammaticaUy three-way
b) ~lain the concept and pur.pose of ALOHA protocol details with example?
c) Define the term ‘protocol’._ What for address resolution protocol (ARP) is used.
Discuss its working thoroughly?
. d) Explain the IEEE standard for token bus-and token ring. Also give a brie(competitive
statement for 802.3, 802.4 & 802.5?
e) . What ts sHdlng window protocol? Differentiate between stop-and wait ARO and 15
Go-back-N protocol. Also explain piggybacking.


Attempt any two questions: (10×2=20) 

a) The physical layer service Is a non-confirmed service. Assume that some bits of date
are lost during transmission over physical media, which layer will. detect the ,oss and
take- some rerriedlat measures. Explain any one method clearly depicting how this
operation Is perfonned?
b) What is Congestion’tttow It is connected through leaky bucket algorithm, Explain?
c) Explain IP Header r’ff.ith -proper diagram & explain the Function of each field. Also
explain the difference between IPV4 & IPV6?


~ttempt any two questions: (10×2:;:20)
(a) (I) · · The following is a dump of TCP header in Hexadecimal format :
05320017 . 00000001 00000000 500207FF 00000000
~) What I~ the source port number?
I •
~I) What is destination port number?,
··–·-· ···–··-······–· – – ·-···-Iii). What Is the Sequence number?
iv) What is the acknowledgment number?
v) What is the Length of Header?
vi) What Is the Type of segment?
vii) . What is the Window size?
(ii) Suppose a message 1001 1100 1010 0011 is transmitted using ln:e;r, :=t
Checksum (4-bit word). What Is the value of the Checksum. ?
(i) ‘ A router has just received the following new IP addresses: 57 .6.96. 0/21 ,,, and . If all of them use ~e same
outgoing line, can they be aggregated to an address. Obtain the _address ·if
possible otherwise Justify your answer.
(ii) The address 43:78:6C:ED:10:00 has been shown as the source address in
an Ethernet frame. The receiver has discarded the frame.Why?
{c) Draw the UDP segment header fonnat & explain its various Fields? In case where
reliability Is not of primary importance, UDP would make a good transport protocol.
Give example of specific cases?


Attempt any two questions : (10×2=20)
(a) What do you mean by Domain name system? How does it work? Why do we need a
DNS system when we can directiy use an IP address?
(b) (i) , Compare the TCP header and the UDP header. List the fields in the TCP
. header that are missing from UDP header.
(ii) List the congestion prevention and congestion removal policies of transport
(Ii/} Show the basic model of FTP an~ discuss its two connections.
_ (iv) List the advantages of IMAP4 over POP3′.
(c) Explai11 how the transfer protocol cHents servers are configured. Discuss the various

FTP and telnet commands?

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