COMPUTER ORNANIZATION 2013 B.Tech 4th Semester previous year exam papers of Uttarakhand Technical University Download PDF


SEM-IV, 2013

Time: 3 Hours
Total Marks: 100
Attempt any four:
  1. List the major component of computer organization and explain in detail.
  2. Explain the IEEE standard for floating point numbers with suitable examples.
  3. Explain the function of control unit and Instruction format in details.
  4. What is RISC? Draw and explain the Berkeley RISC I instruction format.
  5. Explain the importance of HOLD and HLDA pin data transfer through DMA.
  6. Draw the block diagram of multiprocessor and explain the role of cache coherence in processor.
Attempt any four:
  1. How many switch points are there in a crossbar switch network that connects p processor to m memory modules?
  2. Design an array multiplier that multiplies two 4-bit numbers by using AND gates and binary adders.
  3. What is difference between isolated I/O and memory mapped I/O and also explains the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  4. Calculate the address lines for 8 bytes memory.
  5. Determine the number of clock cycles that it takes a process 200 tasks in a six segment pipeline.
  6. What are the basic difference between a branch instruction, a call subroutine instruction and program interrupt?
Attempt any two:
  1. What is RTL? Represent the number(+46.5)10 as a floating point binary number with 24 bits. The normalized fraction mantissa has 16 bits and the exponent has 8 bits.
  2. Explain the different arithmetic and logic micro-operations. Draw and discuss the 4 bit arithmetic circuit in detail.
  3. Explain the difference between hardwired and micro programmed control unit in detail.
Attempt any two:
  1. Define addressing mode? Write the RISC I instruction in assembly language that will cause a jump to address 3200 if the Z (zero) status bit is equal to 1 by using immediate mode.
  2. What is instruction pipelining? Consider the multiplication of two 40×40 matrices using a vector processor. Find out how many product terms are there in each inner product and how many inner products must be evaluated.
  3. Define the mode of information transfer? Draw and explain the priority interrupt hardware by using four interrupt sources.
Attempt any two:

  1. Draw and explain the block diagram of DMA controller and DMA transfer mechanism.
  2. Explain the various characteristic of multiprocess? or Construct a diagram for a 4×4 omega switching network. Show the switch setting required to connect input 3 to output 1.
  3. Explain memory hierarchy in a computer system? A digital computer has a memory unit of 64K×16 and a cache uses direct mapping with block size of four words. Find out the total numbers of bits in the tag, index, block and word fields of the address format.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           *end                                                                                                              now you can download sample paper for Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun B.E /Btech, Uttarakhand Technical University B.E /Btech last year papers, Uttarakhand Technical University B.E /Btech previous year papers in pdf file. Follow

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  5. B.Tech Automobile Engineering
  6. B.Tech Bio Chemical Engineering
  7. B.Tech Chemical Engineering
  8. B.Tech Civil Engineering
  9. B.Tech Computer Science Engineering
  10. B.Tech Electrical Engineering
  11. B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  12. B.Tech Electronics Communication Engineering
  13. B.Tech Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  14. B.Tech Industrial Production Engineering
  15. B.Tech Information Technology
  16. B.Tech Instrumentation Control Engineering
  17. M.Tech Manufacturing Process and Engineering
  18. B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
  19. B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering
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