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                                     OPERATING SYSTEM 

                                          Model Paper

Operating System (or shortly OS) primarily provides services for running applications on
a computer system.
 for an OS:
The primary need for the OS arises from the very fact that user must be given
services and OS need to facilitate the provisioning of those services. The central part of a
computer system is a processing engine called CPU. A system should make it possible
for a user’s application to use the processing unit. A user application would need to store
information. The OS makes memory available to an application when required. Similarly,
user applications need use of input facility to speak with the appliance . This is
often in the form of a key board, or a mouse or even a joy stick (if the application is a
game for instance).
The output usually provided by a video monitor or a printer as some times the user may
wish to get an output within the sort of a printed document. Output may be available
in some other forms. For example it’s going to be a video or an audio file.
Let us consider few applications.
• Document Design
• Accounting
• E-mail
• Image processing
We notice that every of the above application requires resources for
• Processing information
• Storage of Information
• Mechanism to inputting information
• Provision for outputting information
• These service facilities are provided by an OS no matter the
nature of application

it is not a full information ,it is just a basic information to understand te subject.

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