utu previous year paper Advance Java Programming 2017-18

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Odd Semester Examination, 2017-~8

e: 03:00 Hours Max Marks : 100
te : Attempt all questions.

Attempt any four. All questions carry equal marks. (5×4)

(a) Explain lntrospector, Property Descriptor, Event Descriptor & Method Descriptor in


(b) Explain each step with proper syntax. Write a programme to establish the connection

with the data having field name, father name, and mother name,. roll no & marks.

Read the contents of this database & display those contents whose marks are

greater than 75%?

(c) Write a JSP program to keep a page counter how many times it has been visited?

(d) What are Beans? Explain bean writing process in detail with the help of an example?

(e) 5 Write Short Notes on:

(i) Struts Framework

(ii) LDAP & metadata

Attempt any four. All questions carry equal marks. (5×4)

(a) List the interfaces & classes contained in the pack javax.servlet.http package. Give

their description also?

(b) Describe session tracking for JSP pages if the browser has disabled cookies.

(c) Create a JDBC application to Insert User Registration details like

(d) Registration No, Username, Password, Email

(e) Into User Registration table. Also perform

(f) Update and delete operations on specified rows.

(g) Design a Servlet which acc;:epts Roll No, Name, ,~nd Year sent from a HTML

document (student.html} and display them on screen. Also give code for student.ht1111 “


(h} Write a servlet program to insert five values coming from JSP page in database?

Attempt any four. All questions carry equal marks : (5×4)

(a} What is JDBC? Explain the different drivers in JDBC.Explain the steps of java to

dat.abase communication in details ?

(b} Create a webpage and check all filed are fill or not using Java Script

Welcome to UTU Examination 2017

Student Name

Mobile Number

Email id

-, -Su_b_m-it-


(c) Write command for setting classpath from command prompt while connecting JDBC

with notepad ?

(d) D.esign an abstract class Record consisting of three data types, of string type name,

age and Address and create two function get Data() to get user input from input

screen and put Output() to display the details extended by Show Class 5. Write a

program to input a number from user into a text filed and calculate the square of

number and display it using JSP

Attempt any two. All questions carry equal marks. (10×2=20)

(a) Create a try block that is likely to generate three types of exception & then

incorporate necessary blocks to catch & handle them appropriately?

(b) What are the types of statements in JDBC? What are the differences/key features

between the 3 different types of statements in JDBC?

(c) What is thread? Write a simple real life application program in java to illustrate


Attempt any two. All questions carry equal marks. (10×2)

(a) Draw J2EE multitiered architecture. Also explain the traditional client /Server model

of J2EE?

(b) (i) What is tomcat Server? List down the web server names for JSP. Write down

the steps to install it in Windows OS.

(ii) Write a function ‘to create a database connection & retrieve all the records

from a table that has name = “ANKU”?

(c) Explain :

(i) Multicast Socket

(ii) Server and Client Communication using Java

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